Marketing and finance are the cornerstones of a successful business. You might protest and say that, first, you need a good product, but there are countless examples of products that were successful, solely, from marketing, like the pet rock, in the 1970’s. Moreover, marketing is not only the collaborator of finance but is also finance’s coconspirator. Indeed, marketing is more important to the financial industry than finance, itself, something that people outside of the financial industry fail to grasp. Perception is more important that reality, for what we perceive is real to us. In that… Read Article →

It may be hard to believe but you really can make money on the internet without a website or product of your own. It’s being done every single day by thousands of ordinary people just like you. Here’s how they are doing it. First you’ll want to find a hot selling product. This is easily done by going to where you’ll discover thousands of products on many types of subjects. You can sign up as an affiliate for any of these products for free and clickbank will pay you every two weeks on any… Read Article →

Cloud computing has undoubtedly revolutionized the entire IT industry. It allows businesses to create ‘virtual offices’ giving the option to work at flexible timings and allowing them to access their data from anywhere. Following are some of the top benefits that cloud computing has given the IT industry. 1) Cost Reduction Financial matters are a concern for both large IT firms as well as smaller start-ups. Cloud computing can help lower costs in several ways; It could replace the older method of keeping physical records and hence save the cost that would be used to… Read Article →

There are a few keys reasons why some people make money on the internet while others struggle. You can be one of those earning a nice extra income by following a few guidelines. The big question is this: What is your product? Perhaps you’re selling an actual item belonging to either you or a company. Maybe you just want to promote products and get a percentage of the sale (affiliate marketing). The key is to determine what you have a genuine interest in and what has lasting potential. If you’re just trying to capitalize on… Read Article →

Frustrated? We all hear the stories every day. People are making a ton of money online through their blogs, sites and marketing campaigns. However despite your best efforts you are still not making a reasonable profit. Many of us set out to start making money on the web because we needed to supplement our income. It can be exceedingly frustrating to invest months of hard work and time only to find that you are still not pulling in any significant cash. But we can learn from those who are enjoying a fruitful success. Keep reading… Read Article →

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