“Finding the time” to do something is really about managing (or choosing how to spend) your time. There are hundreds of books on “time management” — some worth reading — but they can probably all be boiled down to a few key principles. The first — and most important — is this: If you want to get something done, you need to make it a priority. You see, I often hear people say they’d like to start a business, or write a book, or go to the gym… “if only I could find the time.”… Read Article →

Sonya Carpenter was a young English lecturer from Warwick University helping with a course on job costing and financial accounting at Kumasi University in Ghana. Kwame Mainu’s restored wife, Comfort, had offered to take Sonya on a dress shopping spree, so early one Saturday morning in 1997, Kwame drove Sonya to Comfort’s house where she was introduced to Ashanti breakfast of red bean stew, fried ripe plantain and gari. Kwame could never understand how women could rush out to the shops after such a meal but that is what Comfort and Sonya did, leaving him… Read Article →

As my clients know full well, the best way to properly prepare your business for sale requires a significant amount of lead time – one to two years. However, I accept some business owners abruptly decide to sell their business and want it sold tomorrow, so will not have the time for long-term preparations. There can be a number of reasons for this: A sudden onset of a serious debilitating illness. A complete mental burn-out where you become unwilling to continue with the daily stress of running a business. A realisation that your business is… Read Article →

Are you looking for ideas to make money on the internet? Whether you are tired of your working life, or looking for new ways to earn some extra cash to clear your debts or provide a better living, we all share the same goal. And that will be to find ideas to make money on the internet that allows us to earn some spare cash from the comforts of our own home. But there is a catch. There are many who dream of earning well working from home. However, they dream of relaxing the whole… Read Article →

To make easy money on the Internet it is important to remember this foolproof strategy – give people what they want and find the best way to get in front of the demand for what you have. What does this mean? Well let’s assume that you are going to promote a hot product about weight loss. Do people want this? You bet! There are millions of people looking for a solution to being overweight every single day and if you have a quality answer to this problem then you can make money online fast. But… Read Article →

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