Many people want to make money on the web, especially now when jobs are being lost everywhere you look and it is getting almost impossible to make a profit in a new business in the bricks and mortar world. Making money on the internet is not as hard as you may think. It can be summarized in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Find Out What Works For You There are many ways to make money on the web. AdSense, affiliate marketing, pay per click, article marketing, SEO, selling your own products … all of these… Read Article →

Our short foray into the psychology of investment design, in part one of the article, should make you aware of the importance of psychology in investment and the investment business. Even elementary economics is based on psychology, but, in the past, the emphasis, in financial writing and investment spiels, has been on rational finance with arithmetic and mathematics. In the end, investment is more about psychology than about numbers. Investment professionals understand psychology and use it as much of the basis for their investment decisions. The financial industry understands it and uses it to design… Read Article →

Is it possible to learn an effective strategy for dealing with people who are chronically late? Yes! There are several different and effective strategies that can be used with people who cannot keep time commitments. But, first you must assess who is the real Time Bandit: you … someone else … or both? A Time Bandit is someone who has questionable and even faulty conceptions of time commitments, scheduling and time management. Time Bandits rob themselves and others of the precious and costly commodity of time. If Time is money, then the Time Bandit is… Read Article →

Today many of us are flooding to the internet with a desire to make money online. Mostly, people either are fed up with their job, struggling through a bad economy, or just need extra money to live comfortably. Either way we have decided that we want to work from home. Perhaps you are reading this article saying to yourself “Hey that’s me.” That’s great because most people who have been online for a while will tell you they were once in your position. The problem, when starting out online is, thee is no clear direction…. Read Article →

In the current job market, the hottest job position that is more in demand is of financial analyst. A person who can meet the new expectations of the employers in the finance area will surely find more employment and professional growth opportunities. Who is a financial analyst? A financial analyst also known as a business analyst is a person who is involved in monitoring the financial movements of a company. The main task of an analyst is to evaluate a company’s financial risk and drafting financial forecasts. With the assistance of these analysts, companies can… Read Article →

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